Angtini Maine Coon Show Cats

Here is just a sampling of many of the Angtini cattery cats who have been, or are currently showing in CFA show halls around the country. We are very proud of these cats and their accomplishments!

It is a thrill to be able to show our Maine Coon cats and kittens in the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). This is the most prestigious cat registry in the world and so the competition is always very strong. Only the very best cats are able to excel.

By their nature, Maine Coon cats are quite docile and lovable, but it takes a special cat to be able to deal with all the grooming (an extended “show bath” every week!) all the travel and all the noises, smells and activity in a show hall.

coco lopez angini maine coon cat


CFA National Winner 2019-2020

max t cfa national winner

GC, NW Highlander’s Max T of Angtini

CFA National Winner 2016-2017

nick charles home

GP, NW Angtini’s Nick Charles of MacDuff

CFA National Winner 2010-2011

harley show cat maine coon

GC, GP, RW Rickoons Rockford of Angtini MacDuff, DM

CFA Regional Winner in Premiership 2011-2012

CFA Regional Winner in Championship 2007-2008


okee maine coon cat

GP, NW Angtini’s Okee Dokee

CFA National Winner 2002-2003