Here are the wonderful females who we are currently using in our breeding program. Please take a moment to learn more about these Maine Coon girls and please contact me if you have any questions about when they might be having kittens.


coco female maine coon cat

Brown Classic Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat
DOB: 2/21/19
Sire: GC Paleeni’s Jackson of Angtini
Dam: Highlander’s Betty T of Angtini
Breeder: Linda & Tim Murphy
Owner: Linda Murphy & Beth Holly


We are over the moon about our new addition, Angtini’s Coco Lopez.  Coco is a near-perfect Maine Coon female with a strong, muscular body, lovely pattern, beautiful, silky coat, perfect upright ears and a sweet, sweet expression.  Over the past few months, Coco has taken the cat show world by storm and is currently ranked the Best Kitten in the USA and Europe (among all cat breeds) and the Best Maine Coon Kitten, an amazing feat for any kitten, but even more so for a Maine Coon female! We look forward to seeing the beautiful kittens our lovely national-winning girl will produce for us in the coming year.

pastina maine coon girl


Brown Patched Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat
DOB: 3/31/20
Sire: Tempio Felinox Eneide Virgilio of Angtini
Dam: Coberman Allie Katt of Angtini
Breeder/Owner: Linda Murphy


Pastina aka “Tina” is a very fancy girl!  She has the most amazing color on her lovely, shaggy coat and, at 7 months, already has great size for a Maine Coon female. Her head type is perfect and is complimented by her large ears and beautiful eyes.  I just love her adorable expression and her funny, playful personality. When she grows up a bit, we expect she will give us some very special kittens.



Silver Ticked Tabby Maine Coon Cat
DOB: 6/30/19
Sire: Katzapurrin Bohannan of Kitty-Up
Dam: Kitty-Up’s Livia

Breeder: Meryle Weiss


“Cricket” is the latest addition to Angtini and we are thrilled to welcome this stunning outcross girl. She is a ticked tabby (our first!) with outstanding silver color.  Cricket has great boning, a wonderful shaggy coat, huge beautiful eyes, perfect upright ears and a darling expression.  Many thanks to Kitty-Up Maine Coons for letting Cricket join us here at Angtini.

betty t maine coon cat female

Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon Cat
DOB: 8/14/16
Sire: Highlander Dino
Dam: GC Highlander Ave Maria
Breeder: Theresa Sweeney

Betty is a beautiful brown tabby girl who has got it all!  Gorgeous, expressive eyes, large ears which sit perfectly atop her head, wonderful size for a girl and a thick, luxurious coat. Betty has produced many incredible kittens for us, including this year’s #1 Maine Coon Kitten in the US/Europe/Asia, Betty’s daughter, GC, NW Angtini’s Coco Lopez. Quite a special achievement! Aside from her good looks, Betty is also a sweet and playful girl who passes along her great temperament to all of her offspring.

patch tabby female main coon


Brown Patched Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat
DOB: 11/27/19
Sire: Tempio Felinox Eneide Virgilio of Angtini
Dam: GC Angtini’s Lola

Breeder:  Linda Murphy


FeeBee is growing up to be the prettiest girl!  We love her vivid color, large beautiful eyes, sweet expression and her silky, luxuriant coat.  Check out that fluffy tail!  Like her mother, Lola, FeeBee has great size and boning along with elegant upright ears and a perfect profile.  We’re excited to breed her with our new male, Tommy, to see what spectacular offspring they can produce together.