Here are the wonderful females who we are currently using in our breeding program. Please take a moment to learn more about these Maine Coon girls and please contact me if you have any questions about when they might be having kittens.


Brown Classic Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat
DOB: 12/31/22
Sire: Tropikoons Tomaso of Angtini
Dam: Jaspurrcats Jasmine of Angtini
Breeders/Owners:  Linda & Tim Murphy


We are so excited about our new girl!  Eevee is a near-perfect Maine Coon female with a strong, muscular body, lovely pattern, beautiful silky coat, perfect upright ears and a sweet, sweet expression.  In this show season, Eevee ranked as the Second Best Maine Coon Kitten in the USA, an amazing feat for a Maine Coon female.  We look forward to seeing the beautiful kittens this lovely girl will produce for us in the coming year.


Silver Patched Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat

DOB: 10/25/23
Sire: GC, BWR, NW Paleeni’s Teto of Angtini
Dam: GC Highlander’s Mount Juliet of Angtini
Breeder/Owner: Linda Murphy

Dixie Chick is an exceptionally beautiful girl and has the most amazing color on her lovely, shaggy coat and has great size for a Maine Coon female. Her head type is perfect and is complimented by her large ears and beautiful eyes.  I just love her adorable expression and her funny, playful personality. She is currently doing well in the show hall and we look forward to seeing what kind of beautiful kittens she produces for us!

angtini maine coons jasime



Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon Cat
Sire: GCD BWR NW Jaspurrcats Gimme Three Steps
Dam: CH Zikhafri Profile Pix of Jaspurrcats
Breeder: Beth Feininger
Owner: Linda Murphy


Jasmine is an exquisite girl and comes to us from Jasspurrcats. Daughter of the Maine Coon national winner and breed winner in the 2019-2020 season, Jasmine comes by her good looks naturally. I love her shaggy coat, warm coloration and striking pattern and she has just the prettiest expression! She is an outcross for us and will add her diverse pedigree to Angtini. Jasmine has a little growing up to do but we look forward to seeing the beautiful kittens she will produce in the coming years.



Brown Patched Classic Tabby Maine Coon Cat
DOB: 2/11/22
Sire: Ruffians Duran Duran of Highlander
Dam: St. Gertrude Memphis of Highlander
Breeder: Teresa Sweeney
Owner:  Linda Murphy


A special thank you to Teresa and Edwin Sweeney for trusting me with this special girl. Both parents of MJ are special cats coming from exceptional European breeders. I’m excited to add her to my program. She is sweet as well as beautiful!