National Winners, Regional Winners & Distinguished Merit Cats


We are so very proud of the Angtini cats who have received special recognition as National Winners, (NW) Regional Winners (RW) and Distinguished Merit cats (DM) in the Cat Fanciers’ Association. These are the highest honors CFA can award. To become a National/Regional, a cat (or kitten!) needs to be an exemplary example of its breed in both type and temperament. By nature, Maine Coons are extremely gentle and sociable, but it takes an exceptional cat to successfully deal with all the grooming, travel and competition that goes on in a show hall week after week.


The Distinguished Merit award is given to males who have produced 15 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers and to females who have produced 5 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers. As breeders, the DM award is something we constantly work toward, as it is an indication of a very successful breeding program when so many of your breeding cats’ offspring grow up to be great cats as well.

CFA National & Regional Winning Cats

GC, NW Angtini’s Coco Lopez

CFA National Winner 2019-2020

GC, NW Highlander’s Max T of Angtini

CFA National Winner 2016-2017

GP, NW Angtini’s Nick Charles of MacDuff

CFA National Winner 2010-2011

GC, GP, RW Rickoons Rockford of Angtini MacDuff, DM

CFA Regional Winner in Premiership 2011-2012
CFA Regional Winner in Championship 2007-2008

GP, NW Angtini’s Okee Dokee

CFA National Winner 2002-2003

GC, RW Angtini’s Miley

CFA Regional Winner 2014-2015 Season

CFA Distinguished Merit Cats

GC, GP, RW, Rickcoons Rockford of Angtini (MacDuff) DM

Owners:  Barbara Ley & Ron Dylewski

GC Angtini’s Joe Fish of Tropikoons, DM

Owner: Stephanie Boulter

Angtinis Jean-Claude Kitty, DM

Owners: Susan and Roger Sherman, Linda Komar Murphy

Angtini’s Calvin John of Swanycoon, DM

Owner: Annette Swanberg

CH Nephrani’s Sweetycoon of Angtini, DM

Owner: Linda Komar Murphy

Mewsicoons Daffodil of Angtini, DM

Owner: Linda Komar Murphy

GC,, RW Pansypatch of Angtini, DM (Persian)

Owner: Linda Komar Murphy